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From the moment Alesia Dowden steps into your space, the challenge begins. Her presentations are filled with “HOW TOs” and “WHY TOs” that show attendees how to go beyond the norm to excel and succeed – at work, in business and in life.

Many people want to make substantial changes in their career and in their personal life. However, they lack confidence and have no idea where to begin or haven’t acted on the ideas that they’ve had. That is where Alesia comes in.

Described as confident, motivational, inspirational and encouraging, she moves people to action by sharing strategies and insights to help make dreams and goals a reality. Her experience in developing people, both professionally and personally, provides a foundation for empowering others to reach their full potential.

Her dynamic keynotes, workshops, panels and breakout sessions provide the audience with essential tools to take their vision to the next level, whether it relates to their career, business, finances or life balance Alesia will help create a practical plan that moves them to action.

Alesia’s audience includes corporations, associations, conferences, retreats, and workshops.






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What Your Business Needs Is A Little Focus

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