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H2H Motivational Moments

Woman on her Tablet

Are you ready to get motivated. We thought you would be. If you are ready to get charged and remain charged you'll want to join the H2H Motivational Moments Call.  Alesia is known for sparking the fire from within so that you can confidently conquer any weekly challenges that come your way. For the next 12 months Alesia & Friend will inspire you to begin stepping out on your dreams.

WOW... That's 52 Calls!

This is an Annual Program

H2H Calls Occur Weekly

(12 months Access)

12 Monthly Payments of $30.00


One Time Fee: $180 

Start your week off with Confidence.

Grab your cell phone or tablet and join in the conversation as Alesia & Friends ignite your week with tips and techniques to keep you in a positive flow.


  • Wake up weekly to a live call with Alesia & Friends

  • Receive Monthly Newsletter loaded with "How To's" & What's New" info for your personal and business life!

  • You'll get access to "The Klick" Alesia's online magazine

Access Call Archives Here!

Monday Morning Calls Begin at 9:00 a.m.
Free - Listen In on a live call
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