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                                  I Want YOU

                                         In My New Book!


                                         On February 8, 2020,  during my book launch of "Walk Like A Girl,"

I offered the women in the room an Opportunity Of A Lifetime.

It was the same offer which had been given to me several years earlier,

when I co-authored in the book “Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!”

Let me tell you, I JUMPED at the chance!

Because I said “YES!”, to the dream of becoming an Author,

and stepped out in faith, it came to fruition.  And now, likewise for the women 

who answered the call on February 8th, they too have added

to their resume... "Author"

We Launched IF MY HEELS COULD TALK on December 5, 2020

(book available now on Amazon)







Today, as a Confident Woman, Coach, Speaker & Author

I Want YOU To Have The Same Experience On The Road To Becoming An Author,

That Moment When You Hold In Your Hand A Finished Product -

A Book With Your Name On It & Your Chapter In It.

It is my goal to build confidence in women through Authorship

and to impact the lives of other through their stories.

So, Here’s the scoop:

I'm Inviting up to 11 Woman to Co-Author with Me in my new book "IMPRINT"

You'll Get To Become That Author You Always Wanted To Be!

You’ll have a WHOLE chapter to yourself (Don’t worry, assistance will be provided)

Imagine that! You’ll actually be PUBLISHED.

With Authorship under your belt... New Opportunities Await!

You will be able to:

1). Leverage MY brand to boost your business! Because Confident Girls Connect!

2). Know that being published will open doors for you left and right.


By now you are probably thinking, “Is there a cost for this opportunity?”


You’re going to love this! Because I took advantage of this same opportunity 8 years ago, you can get a full chapter in my book for FAR LESS THAN THE PRICE I paid when I started out

— It's Just $997!


That’s it! I know - Right, it's a steal of a deal! - But wait... Keep Reading


Such a small fee to pay for a life's goal accomplished and

the opening of many doors of opportunity.

This Co-Author Offer will be available until all eleven slots are filled.

So... first come, first served.

Spots are already filling as you read - I'm so Excited


If you want in… or even if you want some more information… simply respond to and say “I WANT IN.”


Secure your spot NOW (which may just secure your future success).

— Psst... were you at the book launch  of "If My Heels Could Talk?

There is a discount price waiting for you!


30% Discount

Your Investment is only $697

Click the  "I Want In" Button To Secure Your Chapter
with a small deposit of $97

& 5 monthly payment of $124

Click the  "I Want In" Button To Secure Your Chapter
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